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Up On Cloud Nine With Air Asia


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The slide films are turning rustic and film cups are gathering cob web. Some slides begin to show signs of developing fungus like green algae growing on moist surface. Watching them through the naked eyes, I recollected my memory of stepping in India for the first time. That was 2004. Ever since that year, I had not been missing out the land of mother India in my mind and continued later with several trips, with annual leaves taken from work. Contrary to the past trips, the recent away to India in March 2013 had translated my collective desirous as I decided to leave job. And I left the job. Not that this is the first time I resigned from job for travel. When I recounted the immigration stamps impressed by the government of India on the pages of expired passports including this alive passport in hand, I made five fingers just enough, no more or less.

Two nights before I left Malaysia for India, Gaik Choo, a friend of mine who is also a close regard to Joyce, had a cynic but a sincere emotion telling me what Joyce had foretold her, with another wide cynic smile on her lips deliberate to excite annoyance on me, saying, “See, this is what Joyce foretells. I asked her how does she come to foretell that you will return home to Malaysia that soon, and she took some pride to say – If I don’t see through what he is facing in his trip to India, I am not Joyce then”. That was a haughty remark of Joyce but we have never failed to believe in her. That is Joyce.

Joyce is also a known friend of mine, she is a medium who does reading for anyone who comes to seek after her. With her spirit guide’s help, often than not she receives the gift of being able to foretell events before events turned to happen. Early this year in March, I had begun the trip to India and it had never planned to be any shorter trip though I may have said so. Joyce like a soothsayer was telling Gaik Choo I would have returned very soon. That was a remark exchanged between them without involving me.

True, and I hit her bingo. On the 6th of April, I flew home from Sri Lanka. Upon arriving in Malaysia, hurriedly I drove home to hometown in Teluk Intan when dawn was hitting the horizon. I received some messages from my elder sister that my eldest aunt, Aunt Lian’s health condition was not approving and pleasing when I was still living in the land of Ceylon.

I have made up my mind to leave home again now, with a shattered heart and grieve of emotions. I have decided to fly on 7th June.

The reactions of my family? Upon hearing my intend of going off again from Malaysia for this time of the umpteenth times before? To begin with my father, he is 70. He may raise his voice at his wish at time I do not know when, with a dismay tone he’ll order, “I can’t understand you, a 40 year-old man who still doesn’t keen to settle down for a family! If you are being a married man, you would have borne several children now”. Firstly, mathematically calculate, I am 39 not 40 at his say. Secondly, I wouldn’t want to deny what my father exclaimed, they are living facts. On the other hand, my father shows his liberal support always and wanted people, especially young men to gain knowledge if they prefer to go travel abroad. I am caught in between his principles, settled down and be married and, or go travel at his liberal support. He is infusing a contradicting principles, am I right? Anyway, I am turning 40 soon next year, it is a fact I wouldn’t have wanted to deny.

About my younger aunt, Aunt Tee, in her early seventies now, the topic hasn’t been far sailing away from marriage. It’s a topic of marriage my aunt had wanted me to settle down for a family, if I found a suitable heart-soothing lady. She tends to be liberal and not infusing verbal strength like my father. I adore one of her amusing heart-comfy statements, before I departed from hometown, she whispered to me through the ear, “It’s fabulous if you find a sweet romance in India, then you may settle down in India. We may not have seen you that often afterwards but no harm, we’ll fly there to visit you and your Indian wife”. How heart soothing hearing such saying of my aunt. Is that the intention I go travel? Am I getting married with an Indian lady during the travel? Joyce would have the answer.

Regarding my brother and sisters, we are all liberal as long as I take a good care of myself and plan well for my future, and that does not necessarily include wealth counting. Each time of returning home, I see my nieces and nephews grown more than several inches taller. And for me, I grow some extra crow feet wrinkles on the face. An aging process is catching up, I don’t deny.

On the night of 6th June, I requested my sister and her family to drop me at the LRT station instead of sending me to the airport. I had a long wait, a heavy supper, a three-hour surfing, some light reading and an hour of head-rocking sleep at the hard steel, stiff seat at the food court. Only then arrived 4.30 am before I began to queue for the baggage check-in.

Flying in Air Asia is so affordable that everyone can fly now, I agree with the marketing slogan of this red and white titanium bird. With only RM6 extra, I picked a seat at the 29th row. The second last hind seat was near to the lavatory and I didn’t mind at all. The rows of seats toward end lavatory tend not to be picked by passengers unless they do not have any choice. It was a dawn flight and I was enjoying a spacious full row of three seats all by myself.

After several times of dozing off and waking up, I couldn’t resist reaching my hands out of the little window box to grope the buds of cumulonimbus clouds. I saw amass of cumulonimbus clouds floating right below the air plane forming a very thick cloud bed. Each bud of cloud was knitting nicely with another, and formed a pattern of cotton like cauliflower clouds. All white and clear and I didn’t see any stain darkened the cauliflower clouds. They almost covered the entire sky in my vision through the window box. Such a rare phenomenon I hardly encountered while flying on an air plane. With an euphoria exaltation flying up over cloud nine, I fumbled the unstained, cotton like cauliflower clouds gently with my imagination. I released my feelings in imagining myself gliding through one mild and tender cloud to another. The airplane was also on cloud nine, as it continued to fly above 30,000 to 40,000 feet above the sea level, very high indeed. I enjoyed watching the cumulonimbus clouds appearing like buds of unstained cauliflowers.

First day of travelling was tiring. I left home in Puchong at 10 pm for LCCT airport. From the Chennai airport then, I hurried to CMBT bus terminal and only arriving in Tiruvannamalai at 5pm Malaysian time the following day.

I dearly love my Aunt Lian – she passed away and crossed to another world on the 17th of May, within less than 2 months of my returned from travel. My heart is still shattered and grieved with emotions.

I have a deep revered love for Krishna, my love for his divine compassion, Hare Hare.

Posted by Quah Khian Hu 05:49 Archived in India

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Our prayers are always with Tako. May u continue ur journey with full support n love from us here.

by Khoon

fill our hearts with love and love will spill over even to the other side..may she rest in love and peace..AMITABHA..a lotus for u, my dearest bro

by pamela


by tan gait choo


by gaik choo

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