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One Permission, One Pranamasana

When Your Brain Vibrates At Theta Frequency

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At the entrance ground before making his first leap up to the steep 272-step climb stairs that lead to the way of Lord Muruga’s temple tucked in the limestone of Batu Caves, the little boy was told by his mother to courteously seek an entry permission from Lord Muruga. “Boy, you need to ask for permission from Lord Muruga before you scale up the stairs into His abode. Do it this way, follow mummy”, a very courteous way a mother was instructing her little son to abide, with his father standing to guide him by the side.

Descending down to the ground from the top of the limestone cave, wearing my almost worn-out pair of snickers used for physical workout, I was about to scale up to the cave again. I came into aware of this family of three. The little boy’s mother was showing to him, three of her fingers, the index, middle and ring fingers of the right hand touched the ground of the stairways, then returning the gesture of touch onto her chest, symbolizing her of placing of temple sand on her soul, as a sign of reverence. Then, she had a slight bow, pressed upon both her hands together, palms touched and fingers pointing up, placing them in front of the chest offering a Pranamasana as a way of salutation to Lord Muruga. The little boy followed.

It is customary for a Hindu, before going into the temple they’ll make a courteous touching of the ground to seek for permission and follow by offering a Pranamasana. They bow unto the deity for reverence and salutation before stepping into the abode.

In religious teachings, we are also taught to be compassion-hearted to observe the co-existence of God’s beings found in other paranormal realms, having to recognize and respect for their existence and mutually exclusively living together in the same domain but respectively subsists on separate realms with absolutely no encroachment into each other’s territory plane.

Joyce, remember her? She’s a Thai, lives in Kuala Lumpur who possesses the gift to foretell events. Her spirit guide once told us, we must not forget God’s beings, many of them living in other paranormal realms. We may not have a naked eye-sighting over them, but that would have many times we encroached into their realms which are unwarranted by them. Our intrusion may have caused a perturbation to their community, likewise when someone has intruded into our yard without having first asked for our permission. Out of nowhere, someone gets into your compound and they begin to do some groundwork in your yard while you are still lulled deeply in a sweet dream.

“Similarly the unwarranted intrusion happens upon beings living in other paranormal realms caused by the encroachment of human beings. Many people may not be aware of their deeds that have caused an agitation to the beings exist in other realms. When their energy field goes topsy-turvy, they come to seek after me for my advice. Some people may even have been possessed by spirit and seek my help for exorcism. That’s the thing. Human beings tend to be ignorant, but some people do it with an intention, a wicked and morally depraving ill deeds. These people, upfront have an ill tendency to intrude over the territory planes of beings from other dimension. There is no reason why people should get involve into such a depraving deed, they assume no innocence at all but to gain ill-blessing wealth and advantages from those dimension planes”, told Joyce adding to what her guide had explained earlier on.

That autumn of 2009 in Shaanxi, a province in northern China, the night was cold. In the midst of sleep, while arising from deep sleep to a lighter one, from the vibration of a deep Delta brainwave it drifted back to a Theta, a red eye during that moment appeared after me. The red eye was glaring sharply at me without a blink of its eyelids. I was in a waking dream state but the Theta waves were vibrating immensely so strong that it controlled the realm of my subconscious mind, making my body not a wakeful body, like a dead one. Lucidly seeing the red eye, it would have been pouncing on me for already some time, its body remained sitting on an armchair by the foot of the bed positioned towards the edge of my legs.

The red eye, obviously has both eyes red, as red as the fire of burning charcoal. It has a body of imperfect understanding. Its body was wide and appeared larger than any ordinary man but it has a twilight outlook. It may appear to have a body like a huge ape but it also has a well formed silhouette of an ordinary man. Its head has a configuration of a man and by looking into its face, it has no varied image than a feature of a near-elderly man, but only it has a pair of sensational burning red eyes. Judging by his feature, the red eye was a male.

There was no physical contact between myself and the red eye. We have not had any conversation and I certainly was not able to speak. I was also not able to move but to look at him. Did the red eye want something from me? Did the red eye wish to convey a message? Or was the red eye’s presence merely a visit to our realm? I felt enormously restless and had some nervousness dropping out. If you had been totally blown off seeing a creature of what you have not been seeing in your realm, that feeling of heart-popping nervousness is the outburst you may feel, the way I felt for it. However, if we could initiate a talk, I have a deeper feeling that its appearance to me through the wakeful dream did not reveal any of his intention to do harm, on me or even to the people of surrounding.

Moments later, the red eye slowly diminished itself through the peripheral vision of my eyes and waned itself into its dimension plane. Soon afterwards I drifted back into sleep. I was back fallen to the Delta wave, very deeply but the sleep held me for only a short moment before the cock began to crow.

Joyce was attentively listening to me as she was also hearing through her mind’s eye to her spirit guide. She pointed out to me, she wanted to tell something I may also be aware of, saying patiently in a reminding way, “Have you asked for permission before you decided to take the room? I know you may have felt tired and exhausted, but did you ask for permission?” Again, this is a matter of permission seeking. I had not. How would I know when I would have to? At where I would have to? Joyce looked at me, she knew I have some answers to my own questions.

Before I went to bed that night, I had neglected to remove the armchair away from the foot of my bed. When normally I were to take a full room myself, I will remove the chair or anything that is capable fit to improvise like a seat, to be pushed a distance away from my bed. If I do not remove away the seat, at least I’ll place on it some stuff or a daypack, so the seat at least is occupied and by night hoping the seat would not be any more occupied by any beings. Or if I do not place any stuff on the seat, at least I’ll turn it the other way round with the back of the seat facing me. If I were to share a room with a roommate, I would have less bothered about the chair at all. Let it be placed at any position be it anywhere in the room. Reason being there is at least someone to share the night fright and take a piece of the scare away from me when the same incident were to occur. This is completely a crap selfish thought of mine, never do the way I think of it.

If we silent down ourselves appropriately such as doing a deep meditation, we are capable of magnifying our five primary senses and also heightening our inner consciousness. When we heightened up the inner consciousness and also the five primary senses of our body, the sensitivity level of our body faculty becomes very susceptible to polarization of mental waves and energy frequencies. When there is a sudden fluctuation of energy detected at the local spot or assuming coming from another plane, we are able to sense the polarization of energy very instantly if we are capable to converge our inner consciousness into each of the seven energy axis aligned along with the spine with a deep concentration to the ajna point. Whether you feel compatibly harmony with a new place, be it an office lot, or house or even a room, it is a matter of magnifying our senses to feel the frequency of energy underlying with those places. That was what Joyce trying to remind me about.

Of my wild conjecture, possible there are beings of other dimensions coming into our plane as mere travellers holding no any motives, the same way some human beings travel out-of-body into their planes for reason they themselves only know. There exists such a possibility. I’m not making such a statement to excite you for laughter.

It is also essential to understand how our brain contributes to the state of our mind. In neuroscience, our brain produces waves that vibrate at different frequencies and each frequency is measured in cycles per second (Hz). Of the five frequency waves, each has its own set of characteristics representing a specific level of brain activity and a unique state of consciousness.

1) Beta (14-40Hz) – The waking consciousness and reasoning wave
2) Alpha (7.5-14Hz) – The deep relaxation wave
3) Theta (4-7.5Hz) – The light meditation and sleeping wave
4) Delta (0.5-4Hz) – The deep sleep wave
5) Gamma (above 40Hz) – The insight wave

At Theta frequency, our body is in a light sleep mode however, we are conscious of our surroundings. We are in the realm of our subconscious mind as we drift off to sleep from Alpha to Theta or during the moment we wake from deep sleep returning from Delta back to Theta. At either one of these stages, we normally encounter experiences of visions or lucid dream or even sometimes sleep paralysis. This state is also known as the twilight state.

Coming out from Yogi Ram ashram after having my lunch after noon, I wasn’t able to locate the pair of footwear I left them this morning under the shade by a tree at the main gate. Having missing footwear is not an uncommon finding here. While I thought of buying a new pair of footwear in the town, perhaps I should also make an effort to visit Ala Melu when I walked passing her room. I invited her to circumnavigate the Arunachala hill with me during the full moon this Saturday. But she couldn’t make it an event, telling me that due to the distance, she was not capable to complete the walk as she pointed to her atrophied left leg due to poliomyelitis since she was a girl. I regretted that I could have been more courteous to speak. It is only two more days away from the full moon girivalam, I decided to try to walk the 14 km way on barefoot like many Hindu aspirants do. I begin a barefoot walk today, from Yogi Ram ashram by the village, to the mercantile shop in the town to find a new pair of footwear.


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