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I Wish I Can Sing

Do I Have A Sexy Voice?

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I wish that I own a vocal phonation to sing Narayan Gopal’s songs. I know I can’t sing. I have a deep note of voice sinking in the throat. When I want to throw out my voice to sing, I have my voice stuck in the larger soundboard of the adam’s apple.

My voice is a low voice and it sounds a little coarse. When the vocal cords in the larynx vibrate, the vibration turns into a bass range, among the lowest range of voice of a male vocal tract.

I have a strong desire to sing. I wanted to sing seriously with all my heart out. Singing to me is a mental activity that I can express my mood, temperament, personality and disposition in the high degree from my heart.

As I have a deep and low vocal tract, I hardly get to whisper, lest not talking about my singing. When I begin to whisper, I have to make sure that my vocal cords are adducted so that they do not vibrate. In a quiet and serious occasion, I will make sure that I do not whisper. It’s very difficult for me to whisper to a person into his ear without being overhead or disturbing others in a quiet place.

If I can’t avoid and I must have whispered something, I need to hold firm to the vocal cords in the throat. I’ll only let the air passes between the arytenoid cartilages in the larynx to which the vocal cords are attached. I’ll try not to vibrate the vocal cords. It is hard not to create a resonance in the vocal larynx when I begin to whisper. It’s too difficult an act to control the vocal larynx. Forget about getting me to whisper to you. I almost do not whisper to anyone.

I never remember I had a voice I call rich and resonant as an adult man when I give oral reports in the office. I know that my vocal tone is always a raspy and flat one projected on my voice box. When I was still a new workmate in my old office, one day when I was giving an oral report to my colleagues, I noticed that a colleague of mine was reacting to ogle at me lecherously in her way that was unusual to me. She was listening to me with an ogle stare that filled me with a wonder. She may have laid eyes on me in her very covert way and not to let anyone know that she was admiring at me. I felt for her eye-ogle echoes. Much later, a workmate told me, “You have a deep voice, resonant, and well, OK - sexy.”

A sexy voice? Do I have a sexy voice?

How do you expect me to respond, but a reddening blush?

When I was first drawn to Narayan Gopal’s music on the YouTube, I have no idea who he was. I am only simply searching on the internet for Nepali classics and I want to find some songs of these Nepali classics which are composed in slow tempo beats. I found a long list of Narayan Gopal’s songs on the YouTube. Many of his YouTube videos are made available for downloading into MP3. His music is richly orchestrated by the harmonium, tabla, violin, and it will not do properly without a woodwind of a flute.

Listening to Narayan Gopal’s classic music, we don’t need a sound booster. All we need is to play it over the speakers at a soft volume. Keep the volume between a soft earshot in a soothing spread so that we feel for his music. Then sit back with a cup of tea and relax, and humming while listening to it.

Narayan Gopal’s - Kehi Mitho Baat Gara, translates as - Honour a Sweet Talk. I copied the lyrics of this song from the internet. The original lyrics written in Nepali are translated in Roman alphabets. I really wish that I could sing this song, softly but with all my heart out.

To redeem for a vocal box in my larynx that does not sing, often I blow my harmonica. I tried to blow the song Kehi Mitho Baat Gara with my G-cord harmonica.

Narayan Gopal Gurubacharya is by far the most prominent and popular singer in Nepali music. When people think or talk about Nepali music, the name most associated is that of Narayan Gopal. For most people, he is the singer. He was also an accomplished music composer in his own right. Not only was he gifted with a great voice, he was very versatile. His voice range allowed him to sing songs of every genre.

I choose a long list of MP3 songs sang by Narayan Gopal and attached them over the media player on the laptop. The MP3 songs are set to string along with me at night until I fall into sleep. At most time, I will let the MP3 songs run on the player until the following morning. I switch off the media player when I get up from the bed in the morning. Kehi Mitho Baat Gara has quickly become a darling number-one to me that mellows my heart whenever I listen to it. There are versions of Kehi Mitho Baat Gara, sang by other Nepali singers.

That night I was completely aroused from sleep, listening to this Nepali girl singing - Kehi Mitho Baat Gara, Honour a Sweet Talk. She sang the song so sweetly and she got to blow my mind away. I remained awake through the night for quite some hours.

Kehi Mitho Baat Gara

(Kehi mitho baat gara raat tesai dhalkidai chha) 2
Bharai feri ekanta ma runu ta chhadaai chha,
Kehi mitho baat gara raat tesai dhalkidai chha,

(Ramailo kura gara, sapanako kura gara) 2
sang-sangai bitayeko (samjhana ko kura gara)x2
Dukha chhoda dukha lai ta jindagani chhadai chha,
Bharai feri ekantama runu ta chhadai chha,
Kehi mitho baat gara raat tesai dhalkidai chha,

Aau nachau aandhyaroma junkiri nache jastai,
Batas ma udau aaja (simal ko bhuwa jastai) 2
Due kadam saath hidau chhutinu ta chhadai chha,
Bharai feri ekanta ma runu ta chhadai chha,
Kehi mitho baat gara raat tesai dhalkidai chha

Kehi Mitho Baat Gara sang by a Nepali girl
Kehi Mitho Baat Gara - unplugged by Kitab Band
Kehi Mitho Baat Gara by the original singer Narayan Gopal, very classic in slow tempo beats

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