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I Missed The Travel Fair - Malindo Air

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I missed the travel fair that offered cheap air tickets. The travel fair promoted by Malindo Air offered air tickets to everyone at a jaw-dropping price. If you intended to fly with this airline, the air tickets were sold like hot cakes at huge discounts. Tickets were selling on the internet as low as half the usual price. For some selected destinations within the region of Southeast Asia, Malindo Air was promoting its travel fair with even a greater jaw-drop boost for a mere RM9 for each ticket.

I should have grabbed a ticket from this airline, after all, I have decided to fly to Kathmandu in late summer this August. A return ticket for flying from Kuala Lumpur to Kathmandu offered by Malindo Air in this promotion was selling for as low as only RM670. I can’t find such a good bargain with other budget airlines.

Yesterday when I logged on to Malindo Air’s online ticketing website again, I only learned that the travel fair has already brought down its curtain. I was late by three days to seize the best buy that was ended on last Sunday.

I spoke to my boss yesterday afternoon about my intention to go backpacking in Nepal. Working as a part-timer, I do not enjoy the privilege of having to accumulate any annual leave. So, I asked him for a special working break. It is 2 months break, leaving the office desk. He was generous enough to immediately approve my request.

Before I obtained an approval from my boss for the long break, I had wanted to jump the gun to purchase the air ticket first, then only to settle the leave matter with him later. But considering the matter as a courtesy of thoughtfulness and to avoid any complication of honouring a respect, I held back. It is not befitting to act prematurely as such until I have obtained a nod of yes from by boss.

So, I missed the promotional fair and I have to withdraw an extra RM700 from my pocket to purchase a ticket flying to Kathmandu at an expensive, no promotional price with other airlines.

Malindo Air is out of my option now. I do not wish to pay extra for its air ticket on a non-promotional price.

I had wanted to fly with Nepal Airlines. In any destinations, it is always cheaper to fly with either airline of the local countries between the two destination cities. To get a cheaper fare, the apparent choice of the local budget airline is Air Asia. Nepal Airlines is also a preference option. This time going on a backpack to Nepal, I wanted to try out to fly with a local Nepali airline. In any way, if we support their local airways, we are at least supporting to contribute to the rebuilding of Nepal’s economy ensuing aftermath of the devastating 7.9 magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal in April last year.

I searched on the internet and logged on to the website of Nepal Airlines. There are limited material orientations supplied by its website. There is no spontaneous real-time web page installed on its website for anyone to search for its flights and make a reservation for the selected air tickets. So, real-time ticketing purchase is completely out of the scene.

I read from its web page and feel a little delighted to know that Nepal Airlines does fly the route to Kuala Lumpur. It has a schedule of flying 3 times a week to Kuala Lumpur. I am not able to find out the fare of the ticket unless I decided to make a call to its sales office located in Semua House in the city centre of Kuala Lumpur. All the ticketing enquiries are directed to the sales office through a telephone call. Taking the trouble to purchase an air ticket through a telephone call is always cumbersome. I’ll opt out of the intention to fly with Nepal Airlines now because I can’t purchase the ticket online. It is a regret that I’ll have to look for options with other budget airlines.

Flying with Air Asia is ever the cheapest mode for a person leaving Kuala Lumpur going to elsewhere destinations that Air Asia serves a flying route. The air ticket, for a return flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kathmandu, costs only RM1,100. Comparably, you’ll have to pay for at least RM1,400 to RM1,500 to secure an air ticket on a usual day from Malindo Air instead.

When I plan to travel out from Malaysia, my first option of securing an air ticket always drives me to Air Asia. Air Asia has never failed to offer the cheapest selection of air tickets. But when you travel with a low cost budget airline - particularly with a no frills airline like Air Asia, you do not get to enjoy the flight food. The flight attendants will not serve any airline meals and snacks en route to your destination. Getting to serve with airline meals and snacks when I get on board in the airplane is viewed a weighty reason why I choose to fly with a particular airline.

I know it does not cost to burn a deep hole in the pocket if you decided to pay RM15 for a meal box, another RM10 for a canned drinks and another RM15 for a after meal snack, you are still ending up paying cheaper for an airfare with Air Asia than you decided to fly with a full-service counterpart. If you pay an add-on for a meal with a low cost carrier during the meal time, psychologically you feel that you are paying an extra cost. Whereas when you fly with a full-service airline, you are being served with meals with no any additional charge to be paid. This is how I simply surmise the way I am restive to be served with airline meals properly while on board.

Perhaps for this round of travel, I’ll not single out to pick for an air ticket with this no frills, low cost carrier Air Asia, and make a decision to search for a full-service airline.

I found many air ticket agencies offering cheap air tickets online on the internet. For the Kuala Lumpur - Kathmandu route, some agencies offered a combination of two different airlines for a return ticket. One airway will go to Kathmandu and later, another airway will fly home to Kuala Lumpur on the return trip. Many agencies offering many options, but prices are almost one and the same.

Do you know Biman Airlines?

Biman Airlines is not a common brand of airway for many people to fly with. It is the flag carrier of Bangladesh if you do not know yet. I get to turn to this airline after searching it through the internet for full-service airlines plying the route between Kathmandu and Kuala Lumpur. The main reason is, it’s a full-service airline and offered the cheapest flight among other competitor counterpart airlines.

I have to purchase the air ticket soon. Otherwise, I have to pay more for the air ticket if I decided to purchase it later.


Mero Behosi Aaja
Mero Behosi Aaja - by Narayan Gopal

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