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Tomorrow I will Fly 28.07.2016
The Indian Chapati 21.07.2016
Eating Legumes 28.06.2016
The Old Brass Tray 25.06.2016
Vegetarianism Versus Masculinity 22.06.2016
Ringgit, The Non-Tradable Currency 16.06.2016
A Mini Theory 14.06.2016
Air Ticket Is In My Hands 14.06.2016
My Leave Is Approved 11.06.2016
Air Ticket Travel Fair 09.06.2016
I Wish I Can Sing 07.06.2016
A Helpful Protagonist 02.06.2016
No Quitting Part-Time Job 31.05.2016
At The Juncture Of Dilemma 29.05.2016
No Gift Of A Gab 26.05.2016
Shiva Rudrashtakam 14.12.2015
Love Me, Love My Dog 19.09.2013
A Fanatic Clam Eater 14.09.2013
The Right Of Disposal 13.09.2013
Flies Picking An Underwear 09.09.2013
Tap The Anchor Buoy 06.09.2013
A Spandex Swim Shorts 04.09.2013
Janmashtami 30.08.2013
A Hundredth-Day Mourn 24.08.2013
An Iridescent Plume 18.08.2013
Swiping Spree Of Credit Cards 11.07.2013
Wild Goose Chasing Is Over 10.07.2013
Inviting A Wolf To Your Shack? 07.07.2013
Being A Stateless Person 05.07.2013
Stranded In Chennai 04.07.2013
Arunachala Hill – A Full Moon Girivalam 22.06.2013
Three Meals, Three Pranamasana 21.06.2013
One Permission, One Pranamasana 20.06.2013
Women Are From Venus 19.06.2013
Killing Me Softly 17.06.2013
A Four Dollar Room 15.06.2013
Scorching Hot Days 14.06.2013
Defeated Nights 10.06.2013
Arriving At Tiruvannamalai Again 07.06.2013
Up On Cloud Nine With Air Asia 06.06.2013
White Eggs And Brown Eggs 27.08.2011
Hunt For The King Of Fruits – Durian 23.07.2011
Reunion In Thailand 22.07.2011
A Ferocious Street Tussle 07.06.2011
Clean The Beach 01.05.2011
The Incorporeal Entity 30.04.2011
Yahoo! Going to Island 29.04.2011
Airport Security 25.04.2011
Coming To Malaysia 24.04.2011
Talk No More to Me - Shut Up! 20.04.2011
Noble Silence for a Moment 17.04.2011
Ready to Leave Home Again? 05.04.2011
Any House for Sale? 08.10.2010
Malaysian Mosque – A Symbol of Living Friendship 14.04.2010
Tun Dr Mahathir In Sarajevo 14.04.2010
Reading All The Way 11.04.2010
Ultra Nationalism 09.04.2010
Occupying A Hostel - All By Myself 08.04.2010
Here Comes Spring, It’s Lively Again 05.04.2010
Reaching Bosnia and Herzegovina 25.03.2010
A Dawn in Mount Heng Shan 07.08.2009
The Root Search in Fujian, China (III) 31.07.2009
The Root Search in Fujian, China (II) 30.07.2009
The Root Search in Fujian, China (I) 29.07.2009